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Classic Full Set (1.5 hrs)


Volume Full Set (2.5 hrs)


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Fills for Classic Lashes


60 Minute (2-3 weeks)


75 Minutes (4 weeks)


90 Minutes (5 weeks)


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Fills for Volume Lashes


   60 Minutes (2-3 weeks)                                                $90                                                     

   90 Minutes (3-4 weeks)                                               $120                                                                 

   120 Minutes (5 weeks)                                                  $200                                                            

Other Services

Classic fills from another salon is $95 and up



Volume fills from another salon is $175 and up


Extension Removal


Lash Perm


Lash Perm & Lash Tint Combo


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Fill Guideline

Fills are scheduled accordingly so that I can give you the best set of beautiful lashes.  We all lead a different lifestyle, have different lash cycles, and different care maintenance habits, therefore each individual will require a specific time allowance.  







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Visit Us

3211 Crow Canyon Place, Suite J, Studio 7

San Ramon, CA 94583​

Tel: 925-864-0309



Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm\ Closed Saturday and Sunday

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About Lash Art

Hello, I'm Mai! I am the founder and owner of Lash Art. I became a Master Artist in 2015. I launched my lash studio because of my passion for creating beautiful, lush, natural but impactful looking eyelash extenstions for my clients. I truly enjoy what I do.


My business philosophy is simple- to consistently offer great work, high quality products, and excellent customer service.


I am a strong believer in quality over quanity! That's why you'll see I don't make short, quick appointments,  or take short cuts. Appointments are scheduled so that I can spend one-on-one time with each client to understand their needs. Each set of eyelash extensions will be treated with the utmost care. 


My client's natural lashes are top priority. I source only the best lash extensions and products in the industry.

I abide by the rigorous health and sanitation standards set by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.


What to Expect


At your initial consultation with me, I will assess your eye shape, natural lashes, and lifestyle. Based on this assessment, I will provide the best and most realistic recommendations for your lashes but will work with you to make the final decsion so that you are comfortable, satisfied, and happy.


All first time clients booked for a full set will recieve a complimentary After-Care-Kit (retail value $29) to keep their lashes looking beautiful, staying healthy, and lasting longer.

If you're looking for beautiful, lush, stunning lashes then please visit my studio. Book your appointment today!


Please arrive on time with no mascara, eyeliner, or eye make-up. And do not curl your lashes. This ensures the best application for your service.

Please do not consume coffee or caffeinated beverages before your appointment, doing so causes your eyes to flutter excessively making the service extremely difficult to perform.

If you arrive late, I can accomodate you, but your appointment will end at your scheduled time and you will be expected to pay the full service fee.

Cancellation Policies: Please give us 48 hours notice prior to your appointment or $60 fee if slot can not be filled. No shows will be billed 100% the amount of your appointment. If you cancel or no show 2 consecutive times than I am not able to schedule you for future appointments.  Please be respectful of my time because I am respectful of yours.

Please arrange for child care as we are not equipped to provide child care in the studio. Any person not getting a service must wait in the lobby.


Please turn off your phone or put on vibrate so it doesn't surprise you when it rings. I am working with sharp tweezers around your eyes and loud sudden noises may cause your eyes to open unexpectedly.

Payment: 3% Fee for Credit Card tender, Cash Preferred.

Refunds: Lash Art does not offer refunds for your services. If you are not satisfied I offer a free removal.

Lash Art reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.